YBAngry Relationship Game

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Why be angry? No more arguing. The YBAngry game makes communication with the one you love fun and easy. If you can count to fourteen, you can play YBAngry to ENJOY resolving most any disagreement with the one you love, in just minutes... NO FUSS NO DRAMA (Patent Pending). Issues lasting from several months to over 50 years, all resolved in minutes, playing YBAngry for the very first time. 

Click the link below to watch "How to play YBAngry Step-By-Step" for simple instructions. 

The YBAngry game is a 32 page booklet (22 pages are duplicate game cards). The first four inside pages are detailed, numbered, step-by-step, color coded instructions. The booklet includes two "This One Issue" cards and  22 "This One Detail" cards; more than enough to resolve any two disagreements. Why be angry... just play!